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Web bluetooth scanning sample

A human-readable summary is available. This specification was published by the Web Bluetooth Community Group. If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them to public-web-bluetooth w3.

Bluetooth is a standard for short-range wireless communication between devices. Bluetooth 4. BLE defines multiple roles that devices can play. The Broadcaster and Observer roles are for transmitter- and receiver-only applications, respectively. Devices acting in the Peripheral role can receive connections, and devices acting in the Central role can connect to Peripheral devices.

When a website requests access to devices using requestDeviceit gets the ability to access all GATT services mentioned in the call. The UA MUST inform the user what capabilities these services give the website before asking which devices to entrust to it. It is possible to construct a class of devices for which each individual device sends the same Bluetooth-level identifying information.

UAs are not required to attempt to detect this sort of forgery and MAY let a user pair this pseudo-device with a website. To help ensure that only the entity the user approved for access actually has access, this specification requires that only secure contexts can access Bluetooth devices.

web bluetooth scanning sample

Either could lead to users granting malicious code access to valuable devices. Instead of having to get the user to grant access while the site is compromised, the attacker can take advantage of previously-granted devices if the user simply visits while the site is compromised.

Communication from websites can break the security model of some devices, which assume they only receive messages from the trusted operating system of a remote device.

Human Interface Devices are a prominent example, where allowing a website to communicate would allow that site to log keystrokes.

This specification includes a GATT blocklist of such vulnerable services, characteristics, and descriptors to prevent websites from taking advantage of them.

Web Bluetooth Scanning

We expect that many devices are vulnerable to unexpected data delivered to their radio. In the past, these devices had to be exploited one-by-one, but this API makes it plausible to conduct large-scale attacks. This specification takes several approaches to make such attacks more difficult:.

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Pairing individual devices instead of device classes requires at least a user action before a device can be exploited. Constraining access to GATTas opposed to generic byte-stream access, denies malicious websites access to most parsers on the device.GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

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Nov 14, Mar 26, Fix typo. Jan 9, Adding Bluetooth to your IoT project usually means developing native applications to interact with your devices. While the specification is not finalized yet, we can already experiment with it using Chrome on macOS, Linux, Windows, and Android. In this article, we will demonstrate how to use bleno - a Node.

Or, skip ahead if you are familiar with BLE and want to get to the project. Bluetooth Low Energy BLEformerly known as Bluetooth Smart, is a subset of the classic Bluetooth specification designed to provide communication with low power consumption.

It is helpful to understand some specific concepts and terminology when developing BLE applications. In the context of a BLE network, a device can be:.

A peripheral device : these are typically low power and resource-constrained devices that advertise themselves and wait for a central device to connect to them. The Raspberry Pi acts as a peripheral device in this project. A central device : these are typically smartphones or powerful devices that initiate a connection with peripheral BLE devices. For our demo, a laptop or an android smartphone with the latest Chrome web browser will act as the central device.

The Web Bluetooth application loaded through the browser initiates a connection with the Raspberry Pi. A peripheral device can connect to only a single central device at a time.

Once a connection has been established, peripheral devices stop advertising themselves.

web bluetooth scanning sample

A central device, on the other hand, can connect to several peripheral devices and can relay messages among peripheral devices. Devices can adopt different roles:. GATT Server: These are typically peripheral devices that have attributes that the client can make requests to.

They can read or write to attributes on the server. A GATT server offers one or more services. Some services can be grouped into profiles. There are several predefined profiles and services by the Bluetooth SIG. Services, in turn, contain one or more characteristics. They are also identified by either bit or bit UUIDs. A Characteristic has a value, which is an array of bytes and a collection of Descriptors.

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Depending on the properties of the Characteristic, a GATT Client can read or write its value, or register to be notified when the value changes. Our Web Bluetooth application will be able to receive notifications when the physical button is pressed.

The Raspberry Pi will be configured as a peripheral device called balenaBLE with the following services and characteristics:. Once the device is connected and showing in the dashboard, it is time to deploy the application that will create a BLE peripheral device.

If you are familiar with git, you can also use git clone. For this example project, we will use the balena push web-ble command. You should also see the main service running on the dashboard:. Note : After configuring the environment variable, the main service will be restarted. You can download and run the web app yourself from the repo or you can try our hosted version here.

Load the web app on your laptop or android device in the Chrome browser. Try the web app. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop. You can also see the device logs in the dashboard as the light is toggled.

You can also use the pushbutton to control the LED.A human-readable summary is available. This specification was published by the Web Bluetooth Community Group.

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If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them to public-web-bluetooth w3. To discover what iBeacons are nearby and measure their distance, a website could use code like the following:. Actively scanning for advertisements broadcasts a device address of the scanning device. To mitigate this, UAs should either use passive scanninguse the privacy feature in an observeror warn the user that nearby devices will learn the identity of their device.

Given that, the user needs to give permission before a website gets access to nearby advertisements. If a user has already given a site permission to know their location, it might be ok to implicitly grant access to BLE advertisements. However, BLE advertisements give away strictly less location information than full [geolocation-api] access, so UAs should allow users to grant that intermediate level of access.

This is probably an inappropriate use for BLE advertisements, but might argue for requiring explicit permission to scan, rather than inferring it from having permission to get a geolocation.

web bluetooth scanning sample

Because this could show a prompt, it requires a secure context. Additionally, UAs are likely to require a transient user activation on its relevant global object when requestLEScan is called. A filter matches if the advertisement includes data equal to each present member. Normally scans will discard the second and subsequent advertisements from a single device to save power. If you need to receive them, set keepRepeatedDevices to true. In the rare case that you want to receive every advertisement without filtering them, use the acceptAllAdvertisements field.

Note: This may require that this algorithm has a transient activation on its relevant global object when triggered. Find wording that allows the UA to limit its scan to only certain periods of time, to save power. Sites should do this as soon as possible to avoid wasting power.

Use acceptAllAdvertisements to explicitly do it. The stop method, when invoked, MUST perform the following steps:.What if I told you websites could communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices in a secure and privacy-preserving way? This way, heart rate monitors, singing lightbulbs, turtles and flying grumpy cats could interact directly with a website. Until now, the ability to interact with bluetooth devices has been possible only for native apps.

Alongside efforts like Physical Webpeople can walk up to and interact with devices straight from the web. Check out this drone controlled from a web app video to get a sense of how that would work.

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Even though the Web Bluetooth API specification is not finalized yet, the Chrome Team is actively looking for enthusiastic developers I mean you to try out this work-in-progress API and give feedback on the spec and feedback on the implementation. Because this experimental API is a powerful new feature added to the Web, Google Chrome aims to make it available only to secure contexts. This means you'll need to build with TLS in mind.

I personally enjoy GitHub Pages for demo purposes. As a security feature, discovering Bluetooth devices with navigator. We're talking about listening to pointerupclickand touchend events. If you're not familiar with them, check out this great Promises tutorial. It supports communication among devices that implement Bluetooth 4.

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When a website requests access to nearby devices using navigator. The navigator. You can also request Bluetooth devices based on the device name being advertised with the name filters key, or even a prefix of this name with the namePrefix filters key. Note that in this case, you will also need to define the optionalServices key to be able to access some services. If you don't, you'll get an error later when trying to access them.

Finally, instead of filters you can use the acceptAllDevices key to show all nearby Bluetooth devices. You will also need to define the optionalServices key to be able to access some services.

web bluetooth scanning sample

So what do you do now that you have a BluetoothDevice returned from navigator. Let's try, for instance, to read the current charge level of the device's battery.

Web Bluetooth

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Using Web Bluetooth to communicate with Bluetooth devices

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